Research Output

How Well Do Automated Linking Methods Perform? Evidence from U.S. Historical Data

Martha J. Bailey, Connor Cole, Morgan Henderson, and Catherine Massey
Journal of Economic Literature, 2020, 58(4): 997-1044.


Martha J. Bailey and Connor Cole
Beta-version of a Stata record linking program available at the ICPSR Record Linkage Library.

Simple Strategies for Improving Inference with Linked Data: A Case Study of the 1850-1930 IPUMS Linked Representative Historical Samples

Martha J. Bailey, Connor Cole and Catherine Massey
Historical Methods: A Journal of Quantitative and Interdisciplinary History, 2019.

Linking Vital Records Across the 20th Century: The Longitudinal, Intergenerational Family Electronic Micro-Database Project

Martha J. Bailey, Peter Z. Lin, Shariq Mohammed, Paul Mohnen, Jared Murray, Mengying Zhang, and Alexa Prettyman
UCLA Working Paper, 2022

Black Economic Progress in the Jim Crow South: Evidence from Rosenwald Schools

Shariq Mohammed and Paul Mohnen
University of Michigan Working Paper, 2021

The Determinants of Life Expectancy in the 20th Century U.S.

Martha J. Bailey, Alfia Karimova and Michael J. Murto
In process for the Journal of Health Economics

Childbearing in the United States: Past, Present, and Future

Martha J. Bailey
In process for the Journal of Economic Literature

Understanding the Effects of the Great Depression on Children’s Lives and their Economic Mobility

Martha Bailey, Peter Z. Lin, Shariq Mohammed, and Alexa Prettyman
In process for the RSF: The Russell Sage Foundation Journal of the Social Sciences