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Bill Collins - Vanderbilt University

Bill Collins is the Terence E. Adderley Jr. Professor of Economics at Vanderbilt University, Research Associate of the NBER, and co-editor of the Journal of Economic History. He is an economic historian whose research concentrates on twentieth-century labor markets and cities in the United States. His recent work has studied inter-regional migration, racial disparities in earnings and educational attainment, and urban renewal programs.


Katie Genadek - Census Bureau and the University of Colorado

Katie Genadek is a labor economist and her research focused on the relationship between work and family for individuals, couples and parents as well as worker productivity. She has analyzed policy impacts on women's labor supply and household labor, and she has ongoing research in areas of couples time spent together, the impact of spouses on the work choices, workplace flexibility, productivity, and women's work in a historical context.


Bhash Mazumder - Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Bhash Mazumder is a senior economist and research advisor in the economic research department at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. He also serves as the executive director of the Chicago Federal Statistical Research Data Center (FSRDC). Mazumder's research has been focused in four main areas: intergenerational economic mobility; the long-term effects of poor health early in life; black-white gaps in human capital development and issues related to household financial wellbeing. Mazumder has linked Census data from IPUMs for several of his research projects.

Joe Price - Brigham Young University

Joe Price is an Associate Professor of Economics at Brigham Young University, Research Associate NBER, and co-editor of the Economics of Education Review. He is the Director of the BYU Record Linking Lab which serves as a bridge between academic researchers and FamilySearch. His lab also uses the human-created linkages available on the Family Tree at FamilySearch to complement approaches based on machine learning. His current research projects relate to family, labor, health, and behavioral economics.

Evan Roberts - University of Minnesota

Evan Roberts is an Assistant Professor of Sociology and Population Studies at the University of Minnesota, and is affiliated with the Minnesota Population Center. His research focuses on long-term change in health and employment, with ongoing research projects in the United States and New Zealand. Recent publications with linked data include studies of the health of WWII soldiers in New Zealand, the influence of family structure on children's stature in the United States, and life course transitions in Norwegian return migrants. Roberts brings long experience with the construction of the IPUMS and North Atlantic Population Project linked census samples to the LIFE-M project.